Office 365 Customized Help Desk Information

As the administrator of an Office 365 tenant, you will want to make sure that support contact info is readily available. One way of providing support info is through the help desk card. The help desk card provides conveniently located support info for your users within Office 365. Once the card has been configured, users can access the help desk info through the ? icon in the upper right of many Office 365 pages:


Configuring a custom help desk card is very easy from the Office 365 Admin center. You will need to log in to your tenant using an account with Global Administrator privileges. Once in the Admin center, browse to Settings and then Organization profile. Scroll down and find Provide customized help desk contact info and select Edit.


You will need to enable the help desk card before you can configure the custom settings. Give the card a title and select the fields that are applicable to your organization.

You will see the support contact options under the help icon throughout Office 365, once you have saved the custom settings.